The fact that the museums are now in a position to present collections of outstanding quality is due to the generosity of donors, enthusiastic collectors and artists who have all contributed to their development.

Supporting the City of Paris museums is a way of making your name part of the history of these prestigious institutions, which work tirelessly and regularly to provide every type of visitor with a wide-ranging, high-quality cultural and artistic experience.

However large or small your contribution, your generous donation is a precious asset for the museums and a testament to your commitment to the community and your belief in the future.

How you can support us

There are several different ways in which a donation can contribute to the development and the impact of the museum:


The "Don Manuel"

MAM Ateliers enfants © DR

All rights reserved

MAM Ateliers enfants © DR

A "gift by hand" (don manuel) consists of literally handing over various types of assets (e.g. paintings or cheques). It requires no special formalities or the involvement of a notary. On the other hand, it is possible to draw up a written "appended agreement " (pacte adjoint) acknowledging the transfer of the asset and which may include conditions. The appended agreement can be used to impose obligations on the recipient or to attach a usufructuary
proviso to the donation. Any sum or work donated to Paris Museums is deductible from the amount of income tax due the following year, up to 66% of the value of the donation, up to a maximum of 20% of taxable income.

To make a donation to the City of Paris museums, you can send a cheque payable to "Paris Musées" by post to the following address:
Paris Musées
Service comptabilité
27, rue des Petites Écuries
75010 Paris


To receive a tax receipt and benefit from the tax reduction provided for in the French personal sponsorship scheme, please include a request to this effect in your letter. You will then receive a tax receipt at the postal address you have indicated.


visuel don oeuvre samam  © Gilles Barbier

All rights reserved

Visual donate artwork samam © Gilles Barbier

A donation is a deed drawn up before a notary by which you irrevocably transfer the rights or ownership of a piece of property to Paris Musées. It comes into effect immediately. Any sum or work donated to Paris Museums is deductible from the amount of income tax due the following year, up to 66% of the value of the donation, up to a maximum of 20% of taxable income. 


Cognacq-Jay_  © Pierre Antoine

All rights reserved

Cognacq-Jay © Pierre Antoine

Making a bequest to Paris Musées allows you to leave all or part of your assets after your death, in a will, to a place you care about, while enjoying your assets until the end of your life. Legacies to Paris Musées qualify for an exemption from transfer fees. 

Life insurance

Bourdelle  © Benoit Fougeirol

All rights reserved

Bourdelle © Benoit Fougeirol

By designating Paris Musées as the beneficiary of all or part of a life insurance policy, you have all the advantages of life insurance. When you die, Paris Musées will receive the capital invested. You can make Paris Musées the beneficiary of a life insurance policy simply by notifying your banker.


* For legacies, gifts and donations of works, the acceptance of the donation shall be subject to the approval of the Paris Musées and DRAC academic committee for acquisitions. 

The Paris Musées patronage team is at your disposal to discuss and inform you about your support project.
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