Notre Dame

New online exhibition: Notre Dame de Paris in more than 100 works

One year after the fire at Notre Dame, get a fresh look at the cathedral’s history with the free online exhibition: “Notre Dame de Paris in More Than 100 Works”. See the exhibition here.

The singular history of a cathedral that became a symbol

Notre-Dame de Paris, Frédéric Houbron

Notre-Dame de Paris, Frédéric Houbron, 1901, Musée Carnavalet

One of the capital’s emblematic monuments, Notre Dame Cathedral has been part of the Paris cityscape for over 800 years. On April 15, 2019, the fire that ravaged the woodwork and spire of Notre Dame provoked a deeply emotional reaction in both France and many other countries.

One year later, Paris Musées encourages you to rediscover the cathedral’s history through its online collections. A selection of more than 100 reproductions of works from all periods that are found in the City of Paris museums retraces the history of Notre Dame and highlights the great events witnessed by the cathedral.

Paintings, illustrations, engravings and photographs by artists such as Charles Le Brun, Victor Hugo, Eugène Atget and Brassaï make up these reproductions, most of which are also available for free downloading.

This online pathway foreshadows the “Notre Dame de Paris: from Victor Hugo to Eugène Viollet-le-Duc” exhibition that was planned for the Archeological Crypt on Ile de la Cité, which has been closed since April 2019 in the context of depolluting the parvis in front of the cathedral. The Archeological Crypt is scheduled for reopening as soon as the Covid-19 health crisis will allow.

NOtre Dame

Vue intérieure de Notre-Dame, J.F. Depelchin, 1789, Musée Carnavalet

Notre Dame

Le parvis de Notre-Dame, Charles Frechot, 1833, Musée Carnavalet

Sainte Geneviève

Procession de la châsse de Sainte Geneviève se dirigeant vers Notre-Dame, Anonyme, 17e.s, Musée Carnavalet

Notre dame

 La cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris, vue prise du haut de la tour sud, Anonyme, 2e moitié du 19e siècle, Musée Carnavalet